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iZinga Assist: Digitising Philanthropy

Welcome to the iZinga Assist platform

We are an agency for non-profit organisations in the sub-Saharan African region

We are committed to helping non-profit organisations (NPOs) to thrive by addressing one of their biggest challenges — accessing sustainable funding from local and international Donors.

We do this by providing uniform rating criteria to establish the legitimacy and trustworthiness of an NPO, which effectively helps to increase their Donor pool.

iZinga Assist is a single entity that facilitates NPOs' compliance, evaluation, reporting, mentoring and fundraising

We connect South and southern African non-profits with the international donor community, enabling informed choices.

Why Izinga Assist?

We address the greatest obstacle facing NPOs and Donors.

We identified the need for standardised grading, assistance and mentoring in the NPO sector. iZinga Assist was founded to address these needs.

The non-profit sector is not well regulated, which leaves both NPOs and their Donors in a difficult position.

Donors often find it impossible to determine whether a non-profit organisation is legitimate, and many are concerned that their money will go towards a scam rather than a worthy cause. This issue is especially prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa, where the threat of corruption discourages many international Donors from making contributions.

Naturally, this increases the financial and operational pressure on NPOs in the region, making it more challenging to secure international Donors. iZinga Assist offers a sustainable and accessible solution to the problem by digitising the Donor-NPO interaction and relationship.

Our Focus

The iZinga Assist online application is designed to bridge the gap between NPOs and Donors

This online ecosystem evaluates and rates NPOs, enabling Donors to choose their recipients with confidence and make donations aligned to their passions and ascertain the impact.

The platform also provides educational and administrative tools, templates and training videos for NPOs through a knowledge and information hub.

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